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Petrochemicals and Climate Change Conference | 1st – 3rd July 2024

The First International Conference on Petrochemicals and Climate Change: Technology, Policy and Societal Change in a time of Planetary Crises is being at the University of Cambridge in Fitzwilliam College.

This conference will be a meeting place for academics and staff from other research focused organisations who take an interest in the central role that the petrochemical and plastics industries play in contributing to the planetary crises of climate change, global pollution and biodiversity loss. We see that this conference could provide a great opportunity for learning across fields of research that are rarely connected, enabling discussion and debate amongst people from a wide range of disciplines.

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Past Events

In September 2023, we held an event in Singapore: ‘Chemicals in Asia, achieving carbon neutrality’. The C-THRU team presented 7 ‘Key Messages’ of the project, followed by keynote speakers and a panel discussion.

14th ISIE SEM Conference

‘Transforming socio-economic metabolism in times of multiple crises’

Members of the C-THRU team will be attending this conference in Vienna from 19-21st September 2022.

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Seeq Conneqt Conference | 2nd-4th May


Industry leaders and Seeq experts are brought together for the 3-day Seeq Connect Conference to explore the latest innovations in advanced industrial analytics.

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Online Workshop | 15th September

3-6pm (BST) 9-12pm (CDT)


It is hard to imagine a world without the modern petrochemical sector. Chemicals and their derivatives are all pervasive. If the petrochemical sector is to prosper sustainably in the future, then its products will need to be produced with dramatically lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and burden on natural resources. The accurate measurement of GHG emissions and modelling of future emissions will be a critical requirement to guide the petrochemical sector through this transition to a more sustainable future.

Preliminary agenda:

Session 1: Petrochemicals & Climate Change – This session will include talks from expert speakers including Nilay Shah (Imperial College, London), Anna Scott (Project Canary), David Allen (UT at Austin) 

Session 2: Project C-THRU – This session will be an introduction to the project Carbon Clarity in the Global Petrochemical Supply Chain and provide an opportunity to interact with Workstream leads

Session 3: Focus on Plastics – This session will begin with a talk from Roland Geyer (UC Santa Barbara and author of The Business of Less) followed by a high-profile panel and Q&A session