Dr Carey King is a Research Scientist at the University of Texas at Austin and Assistant Director at the Energy Institute. He also has appointments within the Jackson School of Geosciences and the McCombs School of Business. He has both a B.S. with high honors and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Carey performs interdisciplinary research related to how resource systems interact within the economy and environment as well as how our policy and social systems can make decisions and trade-offs among these often competing factors. He has led two interdisciplinary projects at the Energy Institute: The Full Cost of Electricity (FCe); the Energy Infrastructure of the Future (EIoF). Both projects involve open-source online decision support and educational platforms. The EIoF project will culminate (Summer 2020) in an open-source online tool that allows users to choose future energy scenarios and see the cost and CO2 emissions impacts. His latest research on macroeconomic modelling links physical resources extraction and consumption to monetary flows, including debt, to better understand dynamics among physical flows (energy, natural resources) and money flows (GDP, interest, wages). This work helps explain the post-1970 wage share decline in the U.S. and other OECD countries.